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"Led by professionals, staffed by students and inspired by faculty, The Agency is a team of seasoned professionals and hand-selected twenty-somethings with a passion for ideas that resonate with emerging consumers."

​As a Media Coordinator I...

  • Operated 4 different social media channels and analyzed ratings and programming features to evaluate the effectiveness of different marketing strategies

  • Created weekly creative content to appeal to the college audience

  • Worked closely with clients to identify their needs and challenges and provide a solutions-oriented social media plan

  • Conducted and presented competitive research by analyzing media spend and creative across media platforms (1).gif

One of our main strategies when trying to increase engagement was to create creative and shareable content. I personally created gifs, timelapses, and visual media to appeal to our college peers and industry professionals. These forms of content not only generated engagement and  increased reach and impressions, but they fostered sentimental engagement

GIF made by Amy Xie

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