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the southern sudan health care organization


The Southern Sudan Health Care Organization (SSHCO) is a non-profit organization founded by Jacob Atem and Lual Deng, who both are "Lost Boys of Sudan". Together they drive the organization's vision and message of a safer Southern Sudan through health care and education. Part of that vision includes a medical clinic to serve the people in South Sudan.

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One of the main struggles of SSHCO was differentiation. How was this brand able to impact the community differently than any non-profit. Establishing "brand love" and trust amongst the non-profit was an essential strategy for us to provide personable and evoking content. 

To do so, we pushed the content to appeal those emotionally and provided background on the "roots" of the Southern Sudan Health Care Organization. We rebranded the client's social media presence over six weeks to drive donations through the impact of influencers and the founder's personal story of how the non-profit came to be. 

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