making waves

*Cue "Waves" by Kanye West*

Its the start of July which means this internship is almost halfway done. INSANE RIGHT?!

This summer I am interning at Wavemaker, a Group M agency, and getting my first taste into the world of advertising. Wavemaker places a big emphasis on diversity, therefore they only source their interns from the MAIP program! I have spent my first four weeks working on the content team for the IKEA account It has been a very interesting first few weeks as I get adjusted to the 9-5 life, understanding my role as an intern on the team and navigating life in the city. Throughout this experience, I’ve been able to immerse myself into the company as well as the city.

Here are a few things I have learned along the way:

-When everything is expensive… go to chinatown

-Boba addictions are real

-Ask for what you want

-Its okay to be alone

-You will start walking like you’re in a hurry even when you’re not

-Networking MATTERS

This is my first step into the world of advertising and man has it been a ride. I've been able to experience the workings of media agency, the abundance of lunch and learns that are offered, and the opportunity to meet and work with so of the most amazing people.

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