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Hey, Hi, Hello!

I'm Amy Xie!

An advertising professional turned full-time photographer! I'm passionate about travel, people, and emotional storytelling. I specialize in proposals, engagements, graduates and wedding photography!

"Amy was a dream to work with! She was friendly, helpful and made the experience a breeze. Her communication before, during and after the photo shoot was always excellent and I never felt unsure about the process or what to expect."

I'm Amy, the girl behind the camera! A twenty-something, Sarasota, Florida native living out her city girl dreams in a tiny shoebox apartment in New York. I love to have fun, I love to create, and I love being able to document your memories!

I bought my first camera when I was 18 and have been shooting ever since. My photography style is bright and vibrant and I strive bring out my client's personality in every photograph."I'm not good at posing" is the most common concern but I believe the photographer's job goes beyond suggesting poses and pressing a button - It's to create a comfortable environment to work together creatively. In that sense, I'll be your personal cheerleader, assistant, and problem solver to ensure your experience with me brings to life your photo vision!

Fun Facts About Me

+ Some things I love: My dog Minnie, snowboarding, being with friends, rollerblading, sushi, pottery, watching sunsets, and planning my next travel adventure!

+ I'm a first gen Chinese-American! I was born in Brooklyn, New York and spent my early years in China before starting school in Florida

+ I graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelors in Advertising

+ I love learning and talking about personality types (Astrology included) - I'm an Aries, ENTP, and 7w8 enneagram!

+ I once held my pee for 16 hours waiting for the NYE ball drop in Times Square 




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